June 2023 – January 2024

To everyone,
Thank you for being a part of NormalCity’s run. We wanted to provide a real alternative to a few choice subreddits on Lemmy, which we arguably accomplished in some aspects. We never set out to change the world, but we did want to provide an alternative for people who were willing to try new things.

Our reasons for this shutdown are several-fold, one being that we were not confident in our ability to continue to deliver the moderation, updates, and reliability you’ve come to expect from us. Another was the sharp decline in the Lemmy user base as a whole, which was arguably somewhat inevitable. Perhaps the biggest reason was the ever-increasing costs of hosting, which were becoming a burden on my personal finances. The interest simply was not there to sustain NCL on donations, which left me footing the bill that was progressively growing larger. All of this at once seemed to point in the direction that it was time to say goodbye, and so we did. We gave everyone notice of this several months in advance and also provided a two-week grade period into 2024 so everyone could jump ship and decide what they wished to do with their data. We never monetized NCL or its data in any fashion, and the user data stored here was ultimately destroyed with the rest of the site data upon our shutdown.

So, once again, thank you to everyone who decided that NCL should be their home on Lemmy. We want to be remembered as an experiment that tried something different in terms of apolitical moderation, an instance that tried to offer the stability and reliability of larger instances and an instance that provided an alternative to several great subreddits. Most of all, I would like to thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to add something along the lines of “social media startup” to my resume; hopefully, very hopefully, that will get me hired one day.